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Regenerative Orthopedics

What is Regenerative Orthopedics?

Regenerative Orthopedics supports the natural healing process by stimulating the regeneration of cells in the musculoskeletal system. As we age or suffer an injury, the correct amount of cellular resources for healthy or pain free function are not delivered to the required areas. This area of treatment can often be effectively accomplished without surgical intervention.

Regenerative Medicine can enhance and target our own bodies natural mechanisms to keep up with the demands of aging or an injury.

The goal is to repair, restore or replace skeletal elements and associated tissues that are affected by acute injury, chronic degeneration, genetic dysfunction and illness-related defects. We want to improve quality of life and outcomes for people with musculoskeletal injury or degradation.(1)

Scientific Articles and Research

Regenerative rehabilitation: The role of mechanotransduction in orthopaedic regenerative medicine.



Movement Orthopedics uses stem cell therapy to help patients return to work, play, and daily activities after injury without surgery.


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