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What To Do About Chronic Headaches?

What To Do About Chronic Headaches?

For most adults, an occasional headache is nothing to worry about. Minor, temporary headaches are often caused by sleep deprivation, eye strain, and stress.

But if you suffer from headaches on most days of the week, you might find it difficult to work, go to school, take care of your family, and simply enjoy life. It’s time to reclaim your wellness with the help of a chiropractor in Plantation, FL.

Improve Spinal Health

Chronic Headaches

Many patients are surprised to discover how effective chiropractic care can be at relieving chronic headaches. A doctor of chiropractic can determine if spinal subluxations or muscle tension in the cervical region could be contributing to your daily headaches. For example, if the spinal structures in the neck are out of alignment, a compressed nerve could be causing your symptoms. Your chiropractor can administer gentle adjustments to free the nerve impingement and allow your body to heal itself. He or she may also recommend lifestyle changes, such as postural improvements, that can improve your wellness and prevent future headaches.

Keep a Headache Journal

In addition to visiting a chiropractor, it’s often helpful for chronic headache patients to keep a journal. With a small notebook or your smartphone, keep track of the symptoms you experience every day and their severity. Make a note of the time of day at which they occurred and how long they lasted. Keep track of the factors that might have contributed to your symptoms, such as changes in the weather or your stress levels. Keep track of your daily diet, sleep, medications, alcohol intake, and anything else that might trigger your headaches. Over time, you may see patterns emerge and you can make adjustments as needed to reduce your exposure to your headache triggers.

Be Active

When chronic headache pain is severe, it can be tempting to try to sleep the pain away. But regular exercise is important for wellness and it may help you cope with chronic headaches. Try gentle exercises like yoga, tai chi, and walking. As often as possible, go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and clear your mind.

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